Welcome to my blog.

Hey, so this is the first blog I’ve ever written so it could be a bit hit and miss.

Apart from uploading copious amounts of food photos on instagram im pretty inactive on social media.

Its not that im not a fan, i just dont see much point in posting mundane updates of my daily activities, maybe im just not exciting enough. The point of this blog is to serve as a outlet for my passion that is cooking, and obviously thats vegan food.

Now before you think up that vegan stereotype that goes to protests on the weekends, has dreadlocks and smells questionable, let me stop you. That is so far from what i am, i dont like the taste of meat full stop and the way its produced also is something i dont like.

That doesnt mean i tell others they shouldnt eat it, because to be honest i dont care if they do, me being vegan is a personal decision that i have made, just like they have made the choice to eat meat. There is enough information these days for people to find out how and where their food comes from. They dont need a vegan taking the moral high ground and throwing leaflets at them. I will always answer questions about being vegan if people ask, as most people are intrigued and not always sure what a vegan diet involves.

As a vegan you always have to deal with people who cant or dont want to understand your point of view and that is part of everything in life, I mean i also hate football something which as a male in the uk is unthinkable. My point is that i really dont care what people think about my choice of diet and thats not supposed to come across arrogant its just that im comfortable in my choice and what people say wont change that.

Anyway ive dragged on enough, but i will look to update this as often as i can and plan to put recipes,reviews videos and anything else i find that i like.

Cheers for reading.

Joe, a normal football hating vegan.


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